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A Primary Care Perspective on Keloids

Started By: MedscapeJournalComments, Other, 8:56PM Dec 31, 2008

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#1 of 4, Added By: HASHIM, MD, Plastic Surgery and Aesthetic Medicine, 12:55PM Jan 26, 2009

Recently we have used Mitomycin C injected in the scar area immediately after excision.
the concentration is about 0.25 mg/cc and only a small amount is injected .
We found this to be more effective than steroid injection.

#2 of 4, Added By: W-G_Steinmetz, MD, Plastic Surgery and Aesthetic Medicine, 5:02AM Jan 29, 2009

A very nice paper, I only wish the surgical part had been explored a little better. It is well known that there is a big difference in the outcome of excission, depending whether the keloid is completely excised, which usually leads to recurrence, or the excission is done within the margins of the keloid, leaving about 1mm of scar tissue and taking great care not to injure the surrounding (normal) skin. My experience with this intramarginal excission is that about 40 to 50% of the Keloids do not reccur with this method. If you add cortisone injections starting about 2 to 3 weeks post intramarginal excission success-rate goes up to an estimated 75%. These numbers are from personal experience in my private practice only and may not hold up to statistical evaluation in a large number of cases. Therefore, it would be great to see a study involving large numbers of patients.

#3 of 4, Added By: An_6722793, MD, Plastic Surgery and Aesthetic Medicine, 10:04PM Jan 30, 2009

I believe the photo of the cholescystectomy scar is actually a breast reduction or mastopexy procedure.

#4 of 4, Added By: pbaranyraja, DO, Dermatology, Cosmetic, 11:20PM Mar 17, 2010

in my experience combining intralesional steroids,intralesional 5fu and using silicone sheet as maintennace gives good result.
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