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The Differential

Life Doesn't Stop When You're In Med School

Neil C. Bhavsar, Medical Student, 12:36PM Oct 21, 2017

1st Year Medical Student

This past week was a very special week for me. I ended my first module of medical school, and I also had a chance to celebrate my one year anniversary with my significant other in the none other than the big apple itself--New York City.

Since the city is a short drive away from campus, we decided to drive there in hopes of cutting down our commute time. Now we had a choice of either paying $60 for 2 hours of parking in a 24-hour parking garage or scavenging the streets of Chelsea for a spot. As students, we naturally chose the option that wouldn't push us closer to bankruptcy.

After securing a spot, we enjoyed our night out on the town--rife with music, great food, and an amazing view--the night was just as spectacular as I imagined it would be. After dinner, we even saw DJ Khaled--the Snapchat king himself--entering his limo after exiting some nightclub. But just as we reached an apex of appreciation for the night, our night went south--fast.

After walking a few blocks to where we parked--my car was nowhere to be found. The 2-ton hunk of metal seemingly disappeared into thin air! I looked to my left and noticed the fire hydrant that I remembered clearing when I parked my car. There was no way that was the reason why my car was towed? Well, there was only one way to find out. So we called the NYPD Tow Impound hotline and--as we figured--my Honda Civic was in the motor vehicle penitentiary.

By the time our Uber dropped us off there, it was nearing 11 pm. Strong willed, we chatted about how the towing experience was an unforgettable addition to our anniversary. The teller behind the desk even took a photo of us. Nothing could bring us down--that is until the teller said five words that still send shudders down my spine: "Sir, we have a problem."

She had her finger on my vehicle registration documentation and that's when I saw it. My vehicle wasn't registered--as of about 2 weeks prior to the towing incident. It expired October 1st...

I tried renewing the registration online--but the DMV has to send you a special pin to do so, and after speaking with the DMV the following day, they told me they made the mistake of never sending it out (of course). So if the towing didn't break our spirits, the fact that we couldn't drive home with my car after all that effort coupled with an hour-long wait for the 12 AM train at Pennsylvania station did (lectures start at 9 AM!).

What's worse is that I'm just beginning a new module in school--I already accounted for how my anniversary would impact my studying, but life had other plans for me. The day after consisted of renewing my vehicle registration, going back into the city at rush hour thanks to few mandatory sessions in school, and paying an upwards of $300 to get my car back.

Moral of the story is to pay $60 for the overpriced parking on the off-chance that you don't fully understand NYPD regulations of clearing a fire hydrant by 10 feet and not 7 feet. Joking aside, I learned a few things here. Life happens, and there's no point in letting it get you. Frustration, anger, suffering--all these feelings won't help you come to a solution quicker--so don't let it bog you down. I learned from my mistakes and I'll do my best not to repeat them again--because every second I wasted getting my car back hit me 10-fold in my studying--but I'll manage, as we all do.

Thank you for hearing out my series of slightly-unfortunate events.

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