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Mallory Kremer, MD, Ob/Gyn & Women's Health, 11:18PM May 17, 2013

"It's that time of the morning... baby round up!". So many circumcisions, so little time.

As a second year resident, it is often my and the intern's responsibility to perform baby round ups in the morning for circs. At times, borrowing the boys from their parent's arms unleases a wave of anxiety, and unusual questions. I've had father's look at me sternly and say, "Just make it even". "It's going to be important to him someday." And my favorite, "Please make it look better than his brother's".

The comments from medical students watching the procedure are even more entertaining. One eager third year student (whose destination of choice will be plastics) asked to be allowed to cut around the Gomco after the clamp was applied. While explaining to him that you aren't supposed to make a sawing motion with the scalpel, he replied,

"Oh, I understand, I'm very interested in Japanese knife skills. I've studied them in cooking classes". Absolutely on the list of things not to say during a circ.

And at the end, when I take off the Mogan or Gomco, I look for (A) Bleeding at 6 o'clock and (B) say a quick prayer that the parents, and the baby, someday, are happy with the results. "Make it look pretty", they tell me. No pressure.


Poll: Your favorite circ clamp of choice is... I just hope they get a Bris so I don't have to do it|Mogan - fast and furious|Gomco - slow and steady wins the race|What the hell is a Sheldon?|Lucky enough to live in a state where OBs don't do the whacking|
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As a fourth year resident in OB GYN, this blog is an opportunity to write something more enjoyable than a discharge summary. (That is, when I remember to use it!). The blog explores and encourages discussion about women’s health issues. Along the way, it will share the stories and travails of being an OB GYN in-training at a county hospital in middle America.

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  • Mallory Kremer

    Mallory Kremer, MD, a  fourth year resident in Obstetrics and Gynecology, is working hard to keep her head above water. She loves to read, do yoga, sleep, and eat... all things in short supply in residency.

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