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Mallory Kremer, MD, Ob/Gyn & Women's Health, 02:19PM Oct 25, 2013

"Please suck my tip". Not something you hear everyday?

It was a terse instruction from my attending, as we were working through a difficult excursion in the OR. He meant that he wanted better visibility at the tip of his kelly clamp. Really, there is no elegant way to express that.

As an OB GYN resident, ridiculous comments in the OR are standard fare, and can provide much needed comical relief in tense situations. I wish I had the presence of mind at that point in the case to whisper, "That's what she said".

Yet another golden moment from my benign GYN surgery rotation occurred as the attending and fellow in a case stood back to admire our handiwork. We had just completed what we call a "Vag Special", which consists of a vaginal hysterectomy, a uterosacral suspension, and anterior and posterior repair.

"It's not too tight?" asked the attending

"No, not too tight." (fellow)

"And not too loose?" (attending)

"No, no..."

"It's just right" they both said in unision, chuckling.

Oh, boy. There is something inherently off-kilter in our line of work. You could have the same conversation about a facelift, I suppose. But it wouldn't have quite the same ring.

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As a fourth year resident in OB GYN, this blog is an opportunity to write something more enjoyable than a discharge summary. (That is, when I remember to use it!). The blog explores and encourages discussion about women’s health issues. Along the way, it will share the stories and travails of being an OB GYN in-training at a county hospital in middle America.

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  • Mallory Kremer

    Mallory Kremer, MD, a  fourth year resident in Obstetrics and Gynecology, is working hard to keep her head above water. She loves to read, do yoga, sleep, and eat... all things in short supply in residency.

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