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Bioidentical Hormones for menopausal women

Started By: ctrollan, Nurse, Ob/Gyn & Women's Health, 2:08PM Sep 30, 2013

Bioidentical hormones (BHT)work to prevent and treat menopausal symptoms: the immediate symptoms of vasomotor changes, heart palpitations, body aches, gas and constipation; and the long term problems of mucus membrane atrophy, memory loss, insomnia, and osteoporosis. They do not have the poison profile of the equine estrogens and artificial progestins. Bioidenticals are derived from plants. I have been using these medications for approximately twenty years without adverse effects and have seen too many adverse reactions to equine estrogens and progestins. Post-menopausally women should be on an ultra low daily dose of estrogen (14mcg dosage) and 10 days of the month on progesterone (100 mg) to prevent osteoporosis and the other long term effects of hormonal decline. Bone density should be tested when menopause occurs at approximately 50 years, not at 65 years or after 15 years of bone loss. Women lose the most bone three to five years after menopause. Prevention of a potentially life-threatening problem is good practice and common sense.
The recent Medscape article regarding BHT correctly stated that widespread research has not been done on BHT- why not? Anti-depressants are given for symptoms-is this a psychiatric problem? Poison medication- equine hormones and artificial progestins were proven to be harmful to women in the WHI research, why does the Medscape article about BHT have a Premarin flame constantly running in the right hand corner of the article?
I would appreciate conversation and comments regarding the above.Poll: Should ultra low dose BHT be given to all at-risk post-menopausal women to prevent osteoporosis, memory loss, insomnia and/or mucus membrane atrophy? yes|yes|
Should ultra low dose BHT be given to all at-risk post-menopausal women to prevent osteoporosis, memory loss, insomnia and/or mucus membrane atrophy?
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#1 of 2, Added By: roodiemcain6, Nurse, Critical Care/Intensive Care, 12:17AM Nov 16, 2013

Menopause sucks!
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#2 of 2, Added By: dgriffith1, Nurse, Correctional Health, 9:37PM Dec 05, 2013

It just seems that Men get better research and one thousand medications(just kidding) for their sexual malfunction problems. I think more research with urgency should be increased with better information on how safe Bioidentical hormone replacement really is for menopausal women. I know it takes time and patience is a virtue but not when someone is sweating like a pig and all the other wonderful menopausal problems that occur. Thanks for listening.
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