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August 13, 2010

Not where you want expect it to be

I have always hated the phrase "expect the unexpected."  Obviously if you could expect it, it would not be unexpected and since it is unexpected, how can you expect it. 

The patient is an elderly female with minimal medical problems who comes in MOSF from an apparent intraabdominal catastrophe.  She has free air, a WBC of 35K and is whisked off to the OR where she has extensive dusky small bowel.  The surgeon did Dopplers and found the vascularity of the small bowel to be fine and he judged the bowel to be viable, so she was sewn back up and sent to the ICU, with the anticipation that she would need another exploration in a day or two.

In the ER she had complained of diarrhea, and although she had been on no recent antibiotics, the ER sent a ...

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August 9, 2010

Size Matters?

No, this is not about spam email.  The patient I saw with the CROCK, no HOCUM, with the S. oralis endocarditis was back to the ER at Outside Hospital with progressive heart failure.  No fever, no chills, no sweats.  Progressive peripheral edema and PND.

Exam is without change, maybe the murmur is a wee bit louder, b...

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August 7, 2010

IVDA. A Bad Lifestyle Except For The Fungi

I just have a life, I am in need of a lifestyle.  I need a style, a good style, a cool style.  Not a style associated with sepsis and death.

Patient is young a young male with one of those not so good lifestyles: IVDA.  IntraVenous Drug Abuser.  I know the preferred term is IDU.  User, not abuser, but injecting drugs always seems a wee bit self-abusive to me.</p...

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August 3, 2010

25 Years, Ain't Never Seen This Bug Before

As an ID fellow last century I devoted two years to investigating the interaction of Candida and endothelial cells.  Talk about the Peter Principle in action.  If there was ever a more incompetent lab rat than me, speak now.  Two years and nothin'. However, I did develop an appreciation for Candida species and it's c...

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July 31, 2010

Adverse Drug Reaction?

Pregnant patients give me the willies.  They shouldn't.  But when I get called to the Ob floor for a consult, a get this vague sense of unease.  

The patient is pregnant and has the sudden onset of severe abdominal pain, starting RLQ and then moving so that she hurts all over.

Rest of her history is negative and exam shows her to be afebrile and to be very sensiti...

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July 29, 2010

There Will Be Blood. Then an Abscess.

It is hard to infect muscle in normal people.  The rare times you see a muscle abscess is after some sort of trauma.  A young male has a 'groin pull' from diving for a basketball or lifting a heavy object, then develops fevers, pain and evaluation will show an abscess in the ileopsoas or iliacus or paraspinous muscles.  The presumption is trauma causes some bleeding into the...

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July 27, 2010

A Turbulent Mouth

Turbulence.  Bad.  Turbulence in the heart leads to platelet/thrombin deposition.  Bacteria do not care much for endothelial cells. but platelet/thrombin is a hospitable environment where they can stick and grow.

Patient is young and has had a life long history of a murmur.  Of late he was been seeing a cardiologist who has been treating him with a beta blocker, b...

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July 23, 2010

The Evil Betty

The patient is a middle aged male who, for a variety of reasons, stopped taking his HIV medications several years ago.  He now comes in with several months of SOB, chronic non-productive cough, and failure to thrive.

Otherwise his past medical history is unrevealing; his HIV was not notable for prior opportunistic infections.

He has a cat, lived for a while in the uppe...

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July 21, 2010

Am I Feeling Lucky Today? Am I? TVIE.

I have  sympathy for drug users.  I have never been one myself, but there for the grace...  If I had lived a few decades earlier I suspect I would be a two pack a day smoker and look like Henry the VIII.  Coke or heroin?  I am sure that once started, I would never stop. I have enough trouble skipping the maple bars in the cafeteria.  So I am never surprised, only s...

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July 19, 2010

Can I Ignore A Positive Blood Culture?


Back from a short vacation at the Oregon coast.  No infections there for four days.  But I  did not win Powerball. Again. So back to the daily grind.  The consult today was positive blood cultures.  A homeless person is admitted with fevers, which occur for three days. Each day he gets a set of blood cultures.

Cultures from day one. Nothing.


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